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Jeremy Cohen
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Larry  the Labrador
"Parents, kids & teachers love my letters!"
"My eight year old daughter LOVES her letters!"
- Dina P., M.D., New York
"Can we go online now?!"
- Emily, Age 6, New York
"These letters made my 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter happy. They took turns and intently read each letter."
- Jeremy A., Construction Manager
New York
"The letters are wonderful!"
- Joy Logan, Nature Center Director
New Jersey
"When I told my 6 year old daughter there was mail for her, she enthusiastically smiled and wanted to read it right away.

We snuggled into the couch and I helped her read the Mount Rushmore letter. She thought Larry was super cute and followed the story in the letter intently. When we got to the end and she learned that we could go online for some more, she asked, 'Can we go online now?'

We logged on using our Super-Secret-Password from the letter, clicked through the slide show and did all the beginner activities. After I showed her how to do the first one she did the rest on her own.

The next day while we were at breakfast she looked at the lump of grape jelly on her plate and said it looked like Mount Rushmore.

She can't wait to get her next letter from Larry to learn about his other adventures. I love it!"
- Annette R., Social Worker, New York
"5 Letters from Larry the Labrador is a uniquely engaging educational gift.  Kids learn geography and social studies and get excited to read.  They're great for 6 to 10 year olds.  My kids love em!"
- Beth W., Elementary School Teacher, California
"The letters are SOOOOO funny!
- Jessie, Age 8, New York
"My seven year old daughter was pumped up when she found out there was mail for her."
- Russ Lande, NFL Analyst
New Jersey
"My kids couldn't wait for their next letter."
- Peter K, MD, New York

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