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About 5 Letters from Larry the Labrador

Hi, I'm Jeremy Cohen, creator of 5 Letters from Larry the Labrador.

I created 5 Letters from Larry the Labrador because I love sharing nature and geography with my daughter and I thought it would be fun and meaningful to help other parents do the same.

As a parent, I also appreciate the importance of hitting a homerun with gifts we can feel good about. What parent wants their gift to be met with undeniable disapointment? Sending kids their own mail is an essentially foolproof way to create instant excitement.

Lastly, I understand the importance of amazing value. I'm not made of money — and chances are you aren't either — that's why I give away all 5 stories and a whole bunch of online activities at absolutely no cost.

If your child is between 6 and 10 years old, please give 5 Letters from Larry the Labrador a whirl.

Thanks for stopping by.


Jeremy Cohen
Creator, Larry the Labrador

How it Works

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Yes. You provide paper, envelopes and stamps. Doing it this way eliminates the need to charge anything for the stories.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Even though the stories are free, I guarantee your satisfaction. If you send the first letter, along with the introductory note, to your son or daughter and decide not to send the remaining four letters because your child hated the first one, let me now and I'll send you an envelope and stamp to help cover your cost. Unheard of, right?

No Cost Online Content

Continue the adventure online at no cost. Each story comes with a Super Secret Password your kids can use to access exclusive kids-only content online. Eye-popping images and super-fun games bring Larry's latest adventure to life.

In addition to no cost access, our kids site is safe, secure and tons of fun:
  • Ad Free Kids Pages:  There is never any advertising on our kids pages.
  • No Personal Info Collected:  We never ask children to provide any information about themselves or their friends.
  • On-Location Slideshows:   Oodles of eye-popping images bring each adventure to life and let kids share Larry's experience in a more profound way.
  • Games & Activities:   Word games, puzzles and mazes are tons of fun for kids. Beginner and advanced versions make them great for any child.
    Printable versions are available for off-line fun.
Here are some highlights from our Mount Rushmore kid's page:
Ad Free pages never ask kids for any personal information.

Slideshows bring adventures to life.

Word games reinforce important ideas.
Shown here:
 -Word Search
 -Scrambled Words
 -Larry Libs

Other games include:
 -Image Hunt
 -Crossed Words
 -Amazing Mazes
 -The Box Game
Mt. Rushmore Example
Enter Super-Secret-Passwords for any letter from any page.

Printable games keep the fun going in the car, at restaurants, even the Doctor's office.

Brain Stuffers provide fun facts about every location.

5 Letters from Larry the Labrador No Cost! (A $24.99 Value)Larry the Labrador

Make your children happy, excited and curious about a world larger than the one they know. Each story is an adventure, a learning experience and a surprise.

5 Super-Secret Passwords No Cost!

Continue each adventure online in a safe, educational environment.  We only share Super-Secret Passwords with the kids who receive 5 Letters from Larry the Labrador.

5 Eye-Opening Slideshows, 68 Total Images No Cost!

Each slideshow is captioned and brings Larry's adventure to life. Click through as you read each story or visit when the reading is done.

28 Online Activities No Cost!

Each Super-Secret-Password reveals a selection of interactive online activities that go hand-in-hand with the story.

Activities vary in difficulty and are geared for beginning readers as well those with more advanced skills.

20 Printable Activities No Cost!

Our printable activities are great fun for those times when you need to keep the kids busy away from the screen. Whether it's in the car, waiting in the doctor's office or after school, our printable activities are a great way to keep the kids happy and occupied.

1 Introductory Letter Included

Send the first letter with a special note to help introduce Larry the Labrador so kids understand who he is and why he is writing.

100% Satisfaction Happy Kid Guarantee!

Happy Kid Guarantee
Download and print our letters today and pop one in the mail. If our first story is not a huge hit with your family let us know by completing this form. Be sure to include your name and mailing address and we'll send you a #10 envelope and a first class U.S. postage stamp.

Enjoy amazing no-cost value and make your kids happy.
Professionally written
for ages 6 to 10
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Larry  the Labrador
"Kids, Parents & teachers love my letters!"
"The letters are SOOOOO funny!"
- Jessie, Age 8, New York
"When do I get my next letter"
- Ben, Age 7, New York
"My eight year old daughter LOVES her letters!"
- Dina P., M.D., New York
"These letters made my 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter happy. They took turns and intently read each letter."
- Jeremy A., Construction Manager
New York
"The letters are wonderful!"
- Joy Logan, Nature Center Director
New Jersey
"When I told my 6 year old daughter there was mail for her, she enthusiastically smiled and wanted to read it right away.

We snuggled into the couch and I helped her read the Mount Rushmore letter. She thought Larry was super cute and followed the story in the letter intently. When we got to the end and she learned that we could go online for some more, she asked, 'Can we go online now?'

We logged on using our Super-Secret-Password from the letter, clicked through the slide show and did all the beginner activities. After I showed her how to do the first one she did the rest on her own.

The next day while we were at breakfast she looked at the lump of grape jelly on her plate and said it looked like Mount Rushmore.

She can't wait to get her next letter from Larry to learn about his other adventures. I love it!"
- Annette R., Social Worker, New York
"5 Letters from Larry the Labrador is a uniquely engaging educational gift.  Kids learn geography and social studies and get excited to read.  They're great for 6 to 10 year olds.  My kids love em!"
- Beth W., Elementary School Teacher, California
"My seven year old daughter was pumped up when she found out there was mail for her."
- Russ Lande, NFL Analyst
New Jersey
"My kids couldn't wait for their next letter."
- Peter K, MD, New York
"5 Letters from Larry the Labrador really got my three daughters thinking about parts of the world they've never seen."
- Ed, Small Business Owner
New York
"I knew my kids would love this gift. And I was right."
- Cindy, Full Time Mom
New York
"Can we go online now?!"
- Emily, Age 6, New York

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